Dr. Ripple Dhillon

Family Practice


Usual office hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm, unless there is a randomly assigned shift in one of our urgent care centers, usually at Taunton location. We only provide ambulatory care in the office/clinic setting. We do not provide hospital care.

We recognize that continuity of your health care is our responsibility and hence we are trying to provide you with an open access office to avoid the need to go to urgent care or walk in clinics. We have made access to our offices easier by keeping several open appointment slots, adding more phone lines, and email service, in order to address your today's health problems today. Hence, please call or email whenever possible to help us provide continuity of your health care. In case of any urgent needs you may come to the office without an appointment i.e., as a walk in.

We will send prescription renewals directly to pharmacies at your or pharmacist's request whenever needed, however, you will need to take the charge of your health care by following up when regular follow up has been advised for the management of an ongoing health problem as specified by the physician. In this case it will be a very helpful if you schedule your next appointment at the time of your office visit.

We will try to provide house calls as well when needed.

After hours care is provided by our urgent care centers, which are open daily till 8 pm on weekdays and until 3 pm on weekends. Please bring all ongoing medications along in their original containers at every visit.

CURRENT PREVENTIVE SCREENING recommendations are - Mammograms for women age 50-74 every 2 yrs, PAP smears for women age 21 to 69 every 3 years, Fecal occult blood for age 50 to 74 every 2 years, Childhood vaccines, Flu vaccine for all ages especially >65 usually done from Oct- Feb, Pneumonia vaccine for age > 65 usually done once only & for high risk conditions every 5 years.

No appointment is needed for visits solely for injections and Flu shots.
Flu shots save lives and are done in the months of October to January.

We also offer you Custom Orthotics for various foot related problems, as well as Compression Stockings for varicose veins.

Remember to keep your profile updated with us, i.e., - your address, phone number, emergency contact number, email address and your pharmacy's phone number.

Please note that there is a charge for filling out forms/ letters / work or school related physical exams, copies of patient records including lab results, travel advice and vaccines etc. We can provide you with a full list of such charges upon request.